Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It's the last full week before Christmas, and like many people at this time of year, I find my life full of an assortment of seemingly unrelated things demanding my attention. With that in mind, I have three unrelated items for today's post.

1. For the past few months, a new do-it-yourself, small, homemade heater has been circulating the web. I first encountered it through the video below, and decided to try it out.

Surprisingly, it works just as advertised. I spent less than $10 for both clay pots, a package of 30 tea light candles, and a metal bread tin. It produces a surprisingly large amount of heat, and burns for 4-6 hours at a time. On cold days, this is now my go-to heater while I am sitting at my computer desk. Go ahead - try it for yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

2. Last time I wrote about the Camtasia, the screen-capture software and video editor that I use to make all of my videos. This was by far my biggest financial expense for creating content, but there certainly are other improvements I would like to make. However, all of these things cost money. And, like most Standard Pauper players, the amount of money I have to invest into this hobby is minimal.

I have periodically been asked how others can support what I do for Standard Pauper. I considered placing ads on my site, but decided against it. Instead, I decided to give, my readers, the ability to support me directly without having to annoy you with ads. So here's the deal.

On the right-hand column, there's a small entry entitled "Support This Blog." Underneath are two links. The first takes you to Paypal, where you have the option of donating directly to me. The second links you to the home page of Amazon. If you use this link before purchasing anything, a small portion of your sale comes back to me, without costing you a dime.

All proceeds earned this way will go into improving the quality and quantity of my content for my blog and for Standard Pauper.

3. Finally, I am happy to announce that Standard Pauper player milegyenanevem won my 100th Blog Post Giveaway! He will be receiving a Theros draft set compliments of Writer Adept. Congrats to him, and thanks to everyone who signed up to receive E-mail updates from this blog. If you haven't done so already, it's a great idea to go ahead and sign up under "Follow By E-mail," which is located on the right hand column.

That's it for today. Friday, I'll be back with some more content related to screen capture software. Thanks for reading!

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