Thursday, September 10, 2015

MonoBlack Sacrifice Control

I always love seeing quality Magic videocasts online covering interesting decks and skilled gameplay. And when those videos are about Standard Pauper, so much the better! Today I want to look at a recent video covering a Standard Pauper list run in MPDC 30.05. The video is published over at MTGOAcademy by Jason Moore, aka BambooRush, in his series Dime a Dozen, covering a MonoBlack Control list with a very small White splash. Here's the decklist:

This is a unique take on the MonoBlack archetype, maximizing the powerful Devotion ability from Gray Merchant of Asphodel while also taking advantage of some sacrifice synergy with Nantuko Husk and/or Vulturous Aven combined with cards like Black Cat, Dutiful Attendant, and Sultai Emissary. The White splash primarily allows it to run Pacifism, but also gives it access to Pillar of Light and Revoke Existence in the Sideboard.

The deck ended up going 3-0 in the Swiss rounds, but BambooRush didn't participate in the Top 8 playoffs for some reason (I was absent for this event, so I am not sure what happened). If you're interested, I encourage you to click on the link and watch all the videos for yourself. And be sure to follow BambooRush on Twitter for more great Pauper content!

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