Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Eternal

As I mentioned back at the end of August, I had the opportunity to join the closed beta for Eternal, a brand new digital card game by Dire Wolf Digital. Since then I have played a ton of it, and probably spent a similar amount of time watching videos and reading articles about this brand new game.  If you haven't seen or heard anything about this game, its being designed and developed by some of the best Magic the Gathering pros, including Luis Scott-Vargas, Conley Woods, and Patrick Chapin, just to name a few. Needless to say, it comes highly recommended.

It is still in closed beta, but the company seems to be pretty generous in distributing new beta keys. In addition, close beta will soon be coming to an end soon, and then the game will be available to the general public.

But even while it's still in beta, there's already a ton of content already available. Today I want to highlight the work of two of this fledgling community's best: aReNGee and Sir_Rhino.
  1. aReNGee has created a great website with articles, draft pick orders, and a frequently updated metagame summary. He also has a YouTube channel where you can watch him play.
  2. Sir_Rhino is a very active streamer on Twitch, and you can view all of his past videos on his channel. In addition, he is also a frequent guest on a podcast called Eternal Cast, where he, aReNGee,  and the host Neon have done a full set review of the cards for draft. This is a great resource for getting up to speed with all of the cards and their power level in the current environment. 
This game is a ton of fun. If you end up in the beta (or are already on there), let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading!

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