Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Blogging Schedule Starts Next Week

While I can tell you now that there will be some growing pains as I get back into the habit of blogging, my plan going forward is to update this blog three times a week. My plan at this point is to post new content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday will be my day for updates on the MPDC League and Standard Pauper. That will be my day to talk about high-impact cards, promote my articles over at PureMTGO, and discuss whatever is of note in the metagame.

Wednesday will be my day for posts about writing. Even while I wasn't blogging, I have continued to work through some writing exercises and classes. I hope to discuss what I'm learning, share snippets of my work, and post reviews of what I'm reading in the fantasy genre.

Friday will be my day for gaming related topics. This may include other video games, board games, my current D&D campaign, or anything else that catches my fancy. I will probably try to use this day to talk about anything other miscellaneous topics that may come up.

Of course, if you my readers have a particular topic that you would like me to address, I'd enjoy hearing about it. Let me know in the comments below.

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