Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MPDC League Season 2 - Bant Sacrifice

The third week of Season 2 of the MPDC League is in the books. This week's 1st place winner is MisterMojoRising, who went undefeated with his Bant Sacrifice list. While I am still waiting for the trophy from Polyjak, I am happy to see that the new visual decklist program is working once more. Definitely let me know if you prefer this style to the 'classic' PureMTGO list that includes links for each of the cards. Anyway, let's take a look at the winning list.

This deck uses a lot of the same sacrifice mechanics as last week's winner. Bloodbriar and Lifecraft Cavalry are the main recipients of such sacrifices, but the theme also synergizes well with Thraben Inspector, Wretched Gryff, Lunarch Mantle, Angelic Purge, and even Renegade Map. But unlike the Black Green version, this deck generates a ton of tokens as fodder for these sacrifices with the  tokens created by Eldrazi Skyspawner and Peema Outrider. Adding to this strategy is some removal in the form of the aforementioned Angelic Purge as well as Rabid Bite and Hunt the Weak.

This variant can also ramp out its creatures faster thanks to the Eldrazi Spawn tokens from the Skyspawner as well as the mana acceleration of Ulvenwald Captive. Even better, the flipside Ulvenwald Abomination is one of the biggest creatures in the format, making this deck a little better in the long game than its BG version.

At its heart though, this is still a fairly aggressive creature based strategy, looking to smash into its opponent with its bigger creatures and leverage the sacrifice mechanic to generate significant advantage along the way. But, should you find yourself paired against a more Control-oriented archetype, the Sideboard does provide some additional resources to help you combat that archetype.

First, the full playset of both Negate and Pulse of Murasa go a long way in keeping you alive in the long game and countering your opponent's specific gameplan. Second, you can augment your removal suite with additional copies of Rapid Bite, Hunt the Weak, and the lone Take Down that specifically targets flyers. Finally, the extra Lunarch Mantle is great if your opponent is light on removal.
So congratulations to MisterMojoRising for piloting this deck to a 5-0 finish and taking the 1st place prize for Week Three of the MPDC League.


  1. how come the sideboard has only 14 cards?

  2. oh, and thanks as always :( btw, i prefer the text-based list!

    1. typo, smily was meant to be smiling :D