MPDC League - Tournament Rules

This page covers the rules for the current season of the Monday Pauper Deck Challenge League:

1. Important Information
Who: Everyone, especially you!
What: All-commons Standard Pauper league
When: Starting every Monday morning at 12:01am Eastern time through the following Sunday night at 11:59 pm Eastern time. See the current Season Schedule here.
Where: Channel #MPDC for chat; Casual - Just For Fun room for Matches.
Why: To have fun, compete, win fortune and get famous
Cost: Absolutely free
Host: gwyned (gwyned at gmail dot com)

2. Participating and Reporting
  • All regular season events are open to anyone and everyone! No registration is necessary! Just join chat channel #mpdc. Once there, you are welcome to challenge any interested player.
  • Each week, play a best of three match against someone you haven’t played yet this week. Your first 5 matches each week count toward your league score. A win is worth 3 points and a loss is worth 1 point. This results in a weekly cap of 15 points.
  • Use the Match Results Form (FOUND HERE) to report matches. BOTH players must report results for the match to count. Please be sure and enter all information as accurately as possible.
  •  If you have already played all of your matches for the week, you can still play against opponents who need matches. Both players are still required to report the results, but only your first 5 matches will count towards your record.
  • Tiebreakers will be calculated according to your Opponents' Match Win percentage for that same week.
  • At any point you can decide to no longer participate or rejoin the league at any point. There is no need to report this to the host.

3. Match Structure
  • Each match should be setup as a Standard, "best 2-out-of-3" match with a 25 minute timer.
  • Matches are played in the Casual - Just For Fun room.
  • All matches must be watchable and labeled "MPDC League" (the comments field is at the very  bottom of the game settings window). It is the responsibility of both players to ensure matches are set up correctly.
  • This league is about playing and having fun. As such, Intentional Draws (IDs) are not allowed.
  • If your opponent lost because his timer reached zero, your score becomes 2-0 (if your opponent didn't win a game) or 2-1 (if your opponent won one game).
  • After each match, both players are required to report there results using the Match Results Form (FOUND HERE).

4. Deck Construction
  • To be legal for participation, your deck must be Standard Silverblack format. This means it must contain only Commons or Uncommons from the following sets: Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, and Ixalan; versions of Standard cards from earlier sets are allowed as proxies.
    • For Weeks 5-7, we will add an additional restriction - Tribal. To be legal, one third of the total cards in your deck must be Creatures with the same Creature Subtype and Sideboarding is NOT allowed. For the full list of rules, click here.
    • For Weeks 8-10, we will add a (different) additional restriction - Mono-Colored. To be legal, all cards in your deck must either be Colorless and/or the same Color (and cannot include any other Colors). For the full list of rules, click here.
  • Also, please note that cards printed as Common or Uncommon in earlier sets but reprinted at a different rarity in the current Standard set ARE legal for use in this league. If in doubt, filter your collection for "Standard" and "Common or Uncommon." Any cards that are displayed are legal.
  • Currently, there are NOT any banned or restricted cards.
  • You are welcome to change your deck at any point throughout the league. Just be sure and report your most recent decklist every time you submit your results.
  • Playing an illegal card during a match will result in an automatic matchloss. Double check your decklist to ensure this doesn't happen to you!
5. Player Conduct Guidelines
Players are expected to follow widely-accepted PDC Community guidelines for conduct to maintain a fair and civil playing environment. This means:
  • Watchers are expected not to chat in other games.
  • Watchers must respect the wishes of players.
  • Players are requested to contact the host via email to report a concern regarding player conduct.
  • Slow-rolling, bribery, or dropping connection without completing the match not be tolerated and may be grounds for disqualification from future participation.
  • The host is not responsible for making judgments based on game play situations. The host will not enter a match table and tell players what to do. The host is a facilitator, not a judge