Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Great Standard Pauper Info

A couple months ago, I posted a quick list of all the sources of relevant Standard Pauper information that I was aware of at the time. I am happy to say that the format is continuing to grow, with more and more content being produced. So I thought I would take this opportunity to today to connect you to these new information sources. Let me extend a special thanks to Jason Moore of MTGOAcademy.com for the heads-up on these sources.

1. Speaking of whom, Jason Moore recently recorded his experience from Monday Pauper Deck Challenge 20.08, a weekly Player Run Event for Standard Pauper. While he primarily focuses on Classic Pauper, this new content is quite good, and definitely worth your time. You should check out the videos on YouTube, the accompanying article on Blackborder.com, and follow Jason on Twitter.

2. The next source I want to bring to your attention is Alex Ullman, a writer for StarCityGames and 2009 Community Cup Champion. Again, while much of his focus is on Classic Pauper, he is also an enthusiastic supporter of Standard Pauper as well, which he recently wrote about in this article over at StarCityGames. Judging from his Twitter feed, he is very involved in all things Magic-related, and definitely a great voice for this beloved format. Check him out, and be sure to follow him on Twitter as well.

3. The last source I recently discovered is Chris Baker, the official chiropractor for ChannelFireball. According to this blog entry from his blog The Draft Brewery, he recently discovered the Standard Pauper format and wrote a good primer on the topic. Apparently the ChannelFireball store recently hosted a real life tournament event for the format, with a very respectable turnout. Chris' passion to see the format blossom in real life play is very exciting to me. Chris also recently posted a full set review for Dragon's Maze for Standard Pauper, which is definitely worth reading. And of course, be sure to follow him on Twitter too.

Like I said, it's awesome to have so many new voices in the world of Standard Pauper. And if you haven't done so already, be sure and sign the online petition to make Standard Pauper an official sanctioned format for Magic Online.

What about you? Do you know of other new sources of information for Standard Pauper? Send them my way, please! And thanks for reading.

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