Thursday, April 4, 2013

Standard Pauper Petition

Last summer, I wrote a series of articles (found here and here) about why Wizards of the Coast should support Standard Pauper as an official format. Eventually, thanks to the tireless support of the Standard Pauper community, Wizards responded and the format became officially supported with an online filter for Magic Online. This was a major accomplishment for the community, and one that I still celebrate.

Just today, as I was browsing at, which hosts a variety of Player Run Events for various Pauper formats (including Standard Pauper, of course!) I came across this post by user underdog83, linking to an online petition asking Wizards of the Coast to fully support Standard Pauper by adding official sanctioned events for the format. I encourage you to check out the full petition and add your name to the signatures.

Here, in brief, is underdog83's rationale:
  • Standard Pauper has a low cost of entry and thus is available to the largest number of players.
  • Standard Pauper is uniquely suited for newcomers.
  • Standard Pauper is a fun and diverse format, and is unique in that cards that would never see play elsewhere are viable even in the best decks.
  • Standard Pauper already boasts a large number of players.
  • For these reasons, sanctioned Constructed events for Standard Pauper would generate new players and additional revenue for Wizards of the Coast that they would otherwise miss.
I wanted to take this opportunity right away to call attention to this petition. I will also be submitting a more full treatment in a forthcoming article on very soon to bring greater exposure to this issue. Please get the word out through social media and whatever other means you connect with Magic Online players.

So do you agree with underdog83's rationale? Should Standard Pauper receive officially sanctioned events? As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading.


  1. Saw the same post just seconds ago and signed the petition seconds later.

    If the Standard Pauper community has the same forces at work here as when we were lobbying for a simple filter, then I'd imagine our request will be honored in (best guess) two or three years time. A couple gwyned articles on PureMTGO and some chit-chat with joekewwl and Alex. Ullman should do the trick, but more signatures are better.

    Meta-philosophical note: WotC really needs to understand that Rarity Restricted Casual Competitive formats are the driving force behind Magic, not Big Money Tournament Culture. Just about all companies should realize the same thing with their products and services, too. /endrrant

  2. My full article is available over at Check it out at: