Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missing in Action

I've had a few people inquire as to why they've seen so little of me as of late. It's as if I've gone missing, or have fallen off the face of the earth. And they're absolutely right. Other than posting on my blog twice a week, I haven't submitted an article or even played in a Standard Pauper PRE since May 20th.

Earlier this week, I had a similar conversation with a good friend over Skype. We hadn't talked in a while, and I found myself making a quick mental list of everything that's happened to me over the past month or so. Here's what I told him:

  1. My family and I came within a quarter-mile of the total devastation of an EF-5 tornado.
  2. My grandmother passed away, and I helped officiate at her funeral in Dallas.
  3. While in Dallas, I rode in an ambulance with my son to the hospital after he sustained a major head wound at the airport 15 minutes before we were to board our flight back to Indiana.
  4. My family and I moved from Oklahoma to the northern part of Indiana.
  5. I started a new job 2 hours away from where my family and I were staying each night.
  6. My wife and I signed a contract for the sale of my home in Oklahoma.
  7. I blew out the timing belt of my car, severely damaging the engine in the process.
  8. My wife left for a week-long retreat in Tennessee, leaving me as the primary care provider for my kids.
  9. After about two weeks of looking, my wife and I signed a contract to purchase a new home in Indiana.
  10. And today, I moved my family again from the northern part of Indiana down to the suburbs of Indianapolis.
So, as you can see, it's been an insane month for me. But I am hoping and praying that as June comes to a close things will settle down into a new normal, and I will once again have time for some of my favorite hobbies and endeavors once again.

How about you? What's your month been like? Got a list to top mine? I'd love to see it!

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  1. Geez, man, do hang in there! Gotta say, things can only get better from there.

    I think I might show this list to my folks to prove that Magic players aren't all single, unemployed, and teenagers who do nothing but live in fantasy land all day.