Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clan Standard Pauper Players

The other day I was asked why I have never joined a clan.

Wait. Let me back up for a moment. On Magic Online, there exists something called Community Clans. Currently a clan can be any number of players, restricted only by whomever the current clan captain chooses to invite. Magic Online keeps track of the number of packs won within each clan, and gives each clan its own chat-room. By clicking on any other player, you can view what clan he or she belongs to. But otherwise, there is little difference between being in a clan and not.

While I have, in fact, been part of two different clans during my time on Magic Online, they have been brief memberships. I'm on at odd hours, really only play one format - and a casual one at that - and thus never really found a clan that suited me. Certainly not one that was worth some of the odd requirements or restrictions that exist among the various Magic Online clans.

But recently I was introduced to a clan called Standard Pauper Players that, for obvious reasons, immediately caught my attention.

I was amazed to discover that such a clan existed. It was centered around Standard Pauper, boasted over 50 members from all across the world, and was dedicated to seeing the format gain official sanction from Wizards of the Coast. They even had their own blog.

If ever there was a clan for me, this certainly seems to fit the bill.

But before I jump into anything, I have a question: As the host of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, one of the most popular Player Run Events, does the fact that I belong to a particular host somehow disqualify me from membership in a clan? Do I run the risk of appearing to favor my fellow clan-members? I don't think so, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Don't forget that my second update of the week is now on Fridays instead of Thursdays. And thanks for reading.


  1. Gwyned, you seem like a folk hero for these guys already! Join up!
    Also the mere fact that you consider the issue of showing favoritism at all. That tells me everything I need to know. I trust in your integrity.

    1. I support what Grociu said. You should definitely join it!

  2. Of course you have to join. I don't think my decks will win more often after you would have joined:)))

  3. I've heard of this clan before did not realize how large and well-organized they are. Good find, I'm certainly interested! And of course, nobody has ever seen anything to suggest you are anything but a fair and impartial host. DCI-R makes all the mistakes for you :-)


    1. This std pauper clan is quite "young", as is the blog, around 2 months old. Thanks Gwyned for promoting its existence (i think you should join and hope you will one day). We're trying to get well organized, having active members and authors involved is still a challenge, but looks like we are moving in the right direction. Cabel, you are of course most welcome too !

    2. Thanks, joel! By the way, how does one go about switching clans if already a member of one?

      I'm gonna have to change my handle here on Blogspot, too if I find time to help with authorship. I haven't blogged about politics in a long time and would probably get more enjoyment writing about a game that isn't rigged, teehee.