Friday, November 22, 2013

Mono Red-Blitz

So the other day, as I was browsing the latest content from ChannelFireball, I came across a video by Caleb Durward featuring a list he called Standard Mono-Red Blitz. While as a rule I don't follow much Standard, I still enjoy watching content on this format and sometimes even pick up ideas for Standard Pauper.

As the video began, I was intrigued by Durward's list. With only a few exceptions, the deck was mostly Commons. Take a look for yourself:

So immediately I wanted to find out whether this archetype would work in Standard Pauper. Obviously I had to remove the non-Commons, which included the playsets of Firedrinker Satyr, Legion Loyalist, Rakdos Cackler, and Ash Zealot. The only replacement one-drop worth playing is Bellows Lizard, but Rakdos Shred-Freak, Skinbrand Goblin, and Goblin Shortcutter seemed natural replacements, along with a full set of Gore-House Chainwalkers.

I tested and tweaked the deck, finally arriving at this list:

So what do you think of this list? How well do you think it would fare in the current metagame? As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I have been fiddling with Boros Aggro in an attempt to out-race Dimir Mill. Every now and then, color screw happens and I can't beat down fast enough. Mono Red seems like a logical next step for consistency. This deck almost looks like "Enchanted Red Deck Wins," I wonder if Spearpoint Oread could make a good three-drop that doubles as a late-game bomb.

  2. Two Headed Cerberus should have a slot in there, double strike makes him a real Threat !!

  3. I made a similar deck a couple weeks ago after seeing a Mono-Red tournament-winning deck posted on Daily MTG, instantly falling in love with the archetype despite its flaws. I even played it against Joel, who drew two Electrickeries in his game two starting hand. Undoubtedly this deck could consistently bring down B/U Mill; the trouble is in the latter situation I described. Most people are not playing red decks, and will thus not have Electrickeries handy, but this type of deck may require more experience and skill than I possess.

    A fourth Dragon Mantle is essential, in my opinion. The card draw should not be underestimated, and it gives you another clutch pump with which to force an opponent's response. I do not run Seismic Stomp, instead opting for twenty lands. Have you had any luck with Das Boot?

    The Cerberus may be worth sideboarding, but the philosophy behind this archetype is creating consistent, high-threat draws capable of eliminating the opponent within the first six turns. Two-Headed is undoubtedly a great card that works well with this deck's enchantments (and the lovely Titan's Strength), but its cost and one power could make it a liability in an opening hand. More testing of this archetype is definitely needed, likely by people more skilled than myself.