Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tofu the Bot

Given the craziness of my week so far, with snowstorms and a crash with DCI Reporter that forced me to cancel MPDC 23.14 in the middle of the tournament, I decided to go with something a little off-the-wall.

For some of you, this is probably old news, as it's been around for a while now. But it's new to me, and quite amusing, so I thought I would pass it along.

Several months ago, a programmer named Joe Toscano created a Twitter account called Tofu the bot. Its name is inspired by the culinary characteristics of tofu: it has no flavor of its own but took on whatever seasoning it was given. In this case, it's actually a bot that mimics your tweets. It works quite simply. Whenever you tweet directly at @tofu_product, the bot's algorithm takes random snip-its of your tweets and returns them back to you in an amusing mishmash of humor, nonsense, and basic mimicry of your own style.

Naturally I had to test this out. I followed @tofu_product and sent it several direct tweets. Here's a couple examples of how it replied:


Apparently I tweet a lot about Standard Pauper, Hipsters of the Coast, my blog posts, and traveling.

If you're on Twitter and looking for a laugh, give it a try

Also, in case you missed it, Part One of my review of Born of the Gods for Standard Pauper is available over at PureMTGO. Part Two should be up later this week.

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