Tuesday, March 4, 2014

40 Days Away from Magic, Part One

As I announced on Twitter yesterday, I will be taking the next 40 days away from Magic the Gathering. This means I will not play, write, or blog about Magic. This even includes staying away from my Twitter feed and the various websites that provide high quality articles and videos related to this great game. I will, however, continue to host Monday Pauper Deck Challenge.

This week, I want to explore three reasons why I believe this is the right decision and the right time for me to take this time away from the hobby that I enjoy so much. Here's the first one.

Tomorrow marks the start of the observation of Lent, a Christian religious observance that marks a period of repentance and devotion to God in preparation for the celebration of Easter. In the past, I have misunderstood Lent to be a typical "anti-world" Christian activity, rejecting so called "worldly-things" in favor of "heavenly things." Or, even worse, as a shallow religious activity designed to convince an arbitrary God to overlook past mistakes and/or earn His blessings.

However, as I read more about this ancient tradition, I discovered that it is, in fact, about something very different. All of us have a limited ability to experience things in life. We only have so much brain-power, so much attention, and so many waking hours. Lent, then, is a time to set aside lesser things to make margin in one's life for something better. A time to recognize those things that are dehumanizing and hurtful, turn from them, and embrace something better.

So for the next 40 days, I will be setting aside the time I normally focus on Magic to instead pursue more important goals: spending time with friends and family, developing my writing skills, enjoying some good literature, and cultivating love, joy, and peace. I believe that by intentionally pursuing these things over the next 40 days, I will not only experience a better, richer life; in the end, it will also free me to have a greater enjoyment of Magic in the future. More on that next time.

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