Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hearthstone: The Undertaker

Over the past month or so, I've seen a fairly significant jump in my ability to compete in Constructed Hearthstone. Thanks to cracking a lucky Legendary, I was able to assemble my first Constructed-worthy deck, using the exact 30 cards that TrumpSC included in his Zoo deck. While I was fairly happy with that build and had some decent results, so many of my games were mirror-matches in the lower tiers of Ranked Constructed. Eventually, I decided I wanted to run something different.

I ended up choosing to try out a mid-range Hunter build based on the list that Reynad had popularized. I started with his exact build, save for a single copy of Eaglehorn Bow, which I did not own and lacked the dust to craft.I experimented with several variations of the deck, testing out various removal pieces to combat Zoo and playing fewer copies of the traps and Stonetusk Boar. But once again, while I was having some success, I wasn't satisfied with the results I was getting. In particular, the Zoo matchup seemed to be no better than fifty-fifty, and given how popular that deck has become, that just wasn't good enough.

About that time the Construct Quarter from Naxxramas was released, dropping Undertaker into the metagame for the first time. Three stat points at one mana with a minor ability is pretty standard for Hearthstone, but in this case the potential is there to slowly build this lowly one-drop into a formidable threat. Currently, there are a ton of strong neutral low-drops with relevant Deathrattle abilities, including Leper Gnome, Haunted Creeper, and Loot Hoarder. This creates the potential for a massive buff midgame, or even forcing your opponent to waste their removal on a lowly 1-drop. Intrigued, I started looking for a decklist that took advantage of this potential.

Then, while watching a Hearthstone stream, I came across a great deck that was tailor-built around the Undertaker, and was seeing great success in the Constructed queues. Next time, I'll talk about that list and my results with it thus far.

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