Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oath of the Gatewatch Top Picks: White

The paper prerelease of Oath of the Gatewatch was this past weekend, and although I didn't get to participate, I know many players are anxious for this set to get released on Magic Online. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work through my review of the set, with Part One being published over at PureMTGO yesterday.

I've already written about the new colorless mana from the set as well as a first look at the new Lands at Common. So for the next couple weeks, I thought I would examine my top picks at Common from each of the five colors for Oath of the Gatewatch. So naturally, today I will be starting with White.

Best White Common: Kor Scythemaster
This card is almost a reprint of Porcelain Legionnaire. What makes it great is that most three drops won't be able to block this without help. It's also an Ally, which is looking like it will play a more important role given the high number of new Allies at Common in Oath of the Gatewatch. Of course, having only 1 Toughness is definitely a liability right now, particularly with the popularity of Twin Bolt in the metagame. We haven't seen much of the traditional White Weenie archetype in Standard Pauper as of late, but should such a deck have a resurgence, this is definitely a card that would fit right in to such a deck.

White Runner Up: Kor Sky Climber
This card costs the exact same mana as the previous card, swapping out offense-only First Strike for an extra point of Toughness and an activated ability that gives it Flying. A 3/2 for 2W is almost good enough by itself to see play in an aggressive deck, and the option to give it Flying each turn for a mere 1W makes this a very strong option. It also should do a decent job of defending against enemy flyers. And also like the previous card, it's also an Ally, and should actually pair very well with both new and previous cards. So overall while not amazing, it's worth considering in the right deck.

So those are my pick for the two best White Commons in Oath of the Gatewatch.

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