Thursday, January 7, 2016

Standard Pauper Double League Video by Bobgar

Hard to believe, but this week is the final week of Swiss rounds in Phase 2 of the Standard Pauper Double League. With only 30 players in the second phase, all of the 4-1s or better will qualify for the Top 8, along with two other players with a 3-2 record. From what I've heard, Izzet variants continue to be the most popular archetype, but other top contenders are Azorius and Rakdos, along with a sprinkling of others.

Today, I want to highlight the excellent videos produced by Bobgar, otherwise known as Kevin Kohler, of his matches in Phase 2 of the League. You can find his channel here, along with a playlist here of all his matches in Phase 2. This week, he recorded his match against afreeAk, both of whom are playing Izzet and were 4-0 going into this week. Check out his video below:

Thanks so much Bobgar for recording your matches, and congrats to afreeAk for being the only player to go 5-0 in the Double League. Over the next few weeks, I'll have lots more to report back as the Double League comes to a close. Thanks for reading.

And as a reminder, if you have suggestions on content for this blog, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much!


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