Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Short Break from Blogging Due to Illness

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis (swelling of the fluid-filled tubes and sacs in the ears). I have had hearing loss and slight ringing/static in left ear for several days now. Yesterday I woke up with extreme vertigo. I couldn't even sit up without triggering severe nausea. I was able to see my doctor in the afternoon and got some meds prescribed, although the appointment was very unpleasant. Ears and nose did not look infected. No other symptoms like fever or congestion.

Most of the time I am okay if I am flat on my back, but I have been able to tolerate sitting for very short periods. Just walking to bathroom and back is very hard. And even on meds, worst of the symptoms can last a week on average, slowly improving after that.

So based on all that, I've decided to take a short break from blogging. Once I can reliably sit and stand, I'll gladly get back to it.


  1. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. I hope you get better as soon as possible, whispering the muses for you here !

  3. Sorry to hear this news. Hope you get well soon and back to your normal self. Stay strong and rest easy!