Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pauper Ravnica Unified League

As promised in my last post, today I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the upcoming Pauper Ravnica Unified League. This free event, hosted by Polyjak, is a Pauper Constructed format league where all of the Commons from both the original Ravnica block and the Return to Ravnica block are legal. Each week, you play up to five matches against other players participating in the league using a legal deck and submit your results. The player with the best record each week walks away with a prize, and at the end of the five weeks, prizes are also awarded based on your overall performance in the league as a whole. Polyjak has created a great website with all the information, but here are the highlights:

1. Signup here no later than Wednesday, April 27th.
2. League runs for five weeks, with the deck construction rules changing each week, gradually increasing from a 40 card Singleton to 60 card Constructed.
3. Each week you are on your own to find other players and play out your matches, and you can't play the same person twice in the same week. Use the #PDC channel to find other players, and report all results at this link.
4. You are also encouraged to use this PDCMagic forum thread to discuss the event with others players.

Now then, it must be said that this is quite the Constructed challenge. The original Ravnica block was created long before the New World Order philosophy guided the printing of Commons, so there's a surprising amount of complexity in that block. And while the Return to Ravnica block should be more familiar to my readers, the last expansion for it called Dragon's Maze was released almost three years ago - which is a long time in term's of Magic sets! So today I thought I would leave you with some resources to help you get back up to speed on these two blocks:

1. A Primer on Ravnica, City of Guilds Limited, from Limited Resources.
2. A List of the Top 10 Commons from the original Ravnica block, from StarCityGames.
3. The Gatherling metagame entries from APDC Season 2, which was original Ravnica Block Common Constructed.
4. Breaking Down Return to Ravnica Limited, from StarCityGames.
5. The Top 11 Commons from Gatecrash, from PureMTGO.
6. The Top Commons from Dragon's Maze, from ChannelFireball.

I hope you find those resources helpful! And if you have some you'd like to add to the list, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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