Monday, July 10, 2017

MPDC League Season One Results

The first season of the new MPDC League is now in the books. You can view the results of the final week here, or check out the tabulated totals for the entire season. While these totals are still preliminary while I double-check them for accuracy, it would appear that afreeAk is our Season One Champion! Also, if you don't mind, take a minute and check to see that you received the correct total points.

Joekewwl and I have been trading Emails about the current state of the league, and to that end I have a few ideas for what I would like to try.

First, with approximately 10 weeks between the release of Hour of Devastation and Ixalan, I would like to try two five week leagues rather than a single ten week one. It has been noted that the number of participants has been slowly declining over the past few weeks, and part of the rationale behind that is probably an inability to be able to catch the top players. Resetting the scoreboard more often should help alleviate that.

Second, since Season One ended a week earlier than was originally scheduled, I have an extra booster pack of Hour of Devastation from that week. Rather than throwing it back into the prize pool, I thought it would be great to give it away as a Door Prize to one lucky player who didn't finish in the Top 8 for the Season. I will be announcing the winner of the Door Prize later this week, so keep an eye on this blog, the main MPDC League page, and my Twitter.

Third, speaking of Hour of Devastation, the names of the 1st place players from each week of Season One of the MPDC Leagues will be distributed to Wizards of the Coast this week. I am unsure when these will be distributed to the 1st place winners, but they will automatically appear in your collection once this has happened. Once I have a clear estimate of the timing, I will announce that here.

I believe that's it for today. Thanks to everyone who participated in the league. Get out there and purchase your HOU Commons, because they will be legal for Season 2 of the MPDC League, which starts a week from today!


  1. Congrats afreeAK, look out for me this next league. :)
    Thanks to WOtC, MTGOtraders and gwyned for donations and also for all his hard work to make this happen.

  2. First of all, thanks for organizing the league! If I could suggest one improvement, it would be making current standings, results, and decklists easier to see. The match reporting form is easy to use, but it's rather difficult to see how many matches you've played, which decklists have been successful, or where you stand relative to other players by looking at the google sheet.

  3. Thanks again! Is the listing of the top decks coming up later this week? :)

  4. congrats to afreeak for that achivement! thx all sponsors (mtgotraders, wotc) for the prizes.

    i agree with two seasons of 5 weeks, but i am kind of conviced that the decline of players was due the "solving" of the format.

  5. well, solving of the format started out as WW beats all. We saw quicky decks being tweaked and made anew to deal with wW.
    Esper in one form or another took over but in between that we say a few different decks win the weeklys. In the end, AfreeAk won over all by playing GW tokens on avg he placed in the top 4 more then most which is why he won the season. Seems to me more testing of decks would be helpful. There are a handful of us who show up everyday and test or just chat ideas.
    Get your cards and look for us in MPDC chat. play testing for new league has started already.
    SO yea shorter league will keep us all guessing too.
    GL all.

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  7. Great project! I've joined quite late, since I only got to play week nine of season one, but this next season I hope to get quite more done. The format is great and the card pool allows for a lot of creativity. Despite my rather new experience with the league, two 5-week leagues might be the correct decision.