Thursday, May 23, 2013

Roll Call

Ever wonder if anyone is listening? Me too!

My family and I are still in recovery mode after the EF-5 tornado that devastated our city of Moore, Oklahoma. I am happy to report though that we are safe and back in our home. I am extremely grateful of that fact, particular in light of the 12,000+ homes that have been damaged or destroyed in this storm.

But that's not what this post is about...

Instead, this is your chance to talk back to me. I know from looking at my statistics from Blogger that I am averaging over 50 views a day, and that this number is growing slowly but steady. I know I have readers from all over the world, including Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Take a look:

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. I'd love for you to make your voice heard.

Here's what I'd like you to tell me:
  1. What kind of topics do you most enjoy reading about?
  2. What do you like the most about this blog? What do you like the least?
  3. How can I better communicate with you, my readers?
I'm standing in the front of the class. I'm calling out your name. Are you listening? Will you respond?


  1. 1. Standard Pauper and Fantasy Video Gaming (Planescape: Torment helped me tremendously).

    2. I like the helpful links you share that are relevant to the topic. I am not a huge fan of fantasy fiction.

    3. You are communicating just fine!

  2. First off sorry to hear about all the devastation in your home town. And good to hear that you and your family are well. In response to your questions, I follow your articles very closely because i have really taken a liking to this format. In regards to topics deck techs, new decks, etc... I would like to see something on the lines of more mono white control. like articles since white is my favorite color. Not White Weenie, but a real control shell, if that's at all possible. I like everything about the blog, nothing negative to ad. Just try to get out more articles!!

  3. Whoa! Didn't visit regularly for a little while and find out your in that crazy tornado! Hope everythings alright, man.

    As for the questions,

    1. Standard Pauper and Fantasy writing/reading is the main reason I'm here. I'm never disappointed by extras though, like the Terraria stuff.

    2. Best thing about the blog is the length of the pieces. Short and sweet. But the worst thing about the blog is the lack of a nice long treatise every once in a while.

    3. You've got a blog here, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, authorship at PureMTGO, and an account on I can't think of anything else either :-)

    Good luck getting things in order after the storm and keep up the good work!