Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Case You've Forgotten

It's a good time to be a Standard Pauper player.

Once upon a time, this was just a fringe Pauper format - one of many variations of Classic Pauper - with a dedicated but small community of players. There was no Magic Online format filter, few if any articles, and very little exposure to the wider Magic the Gathering audience.

It's amazing how different things are today. In the four years I've been playing Standard Pauper, we've come a long way. There are three different weekly PREs in the format right now. There is a game filter on Magic Online, making it a far simpler task than before to find fellow Standard Pauper players. There is a growing number of writers covering the format. And proponents of the format have brought attention to the format not only a much wider audience than ever before, but even put it on the radar of Wizards of the Coast themselves. That is no small accomplishment.

Just for today's blog, I was able to pull together three different articles on Standard Pauper, none of which have anything to do with me. Each are worth checking out in their entirety:

1. A Farewell to Flickergate - Pauper enthusiast Dan Horning (known more commonly as MagicGatheringStrat) discusses the variations of the Flickergate deck and recounts his experiences with the excellent Standard Pauper PRE community.

2. Post Standard Pauper Rotation Grief Counseling - Another member of the MagicGatheringStrat website, Brennon looks at the current Standard Pauper cardpool and provides excellent analysis of what will change with the upcoming rotation. He also examines some of the new cards for Theros and what they will mean for the format.

3. Theros Spoilers for Standard Pauper - Jason Moore, a contributer for several Magic websites, examines the early spoilers for Theros and even submits a few sample decklists for consideration.

Don't miss these great articles. And don't forget just how far Standard Pauper has come.

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