Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Inspiration from Artwork

I have always been interested in what sparks inspiration.

Just a few weeks after starting this blog, I posted a long explanation of how artwork from Avacyn Restored had inspired the plot of the fantasy novel that I have been writing off and on for the past couple years.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few more of my favorite fantasy artwork and discuss the stories that these pieces of art have inspired.

 1. I already shared this piece of artwork with you several weeks ago, along with the accompanying story. What I loved about this picture is the long winding sheet that is wrapped around the ghost, and how it seems to be held together by the long flowing links of chains. The fact that it is set within a beautiful Gothic cathedral as the sun begins to set made it all the more alluring. I greatly enjoyed the story about who this ghost really was and how he came to be bound within those chains. If you missed it, you can read my short story here.

2. As someone who fondly remembers living on the side of a mountain during a snowstorm, this scene immediately caught my eye. I love the way the light cuts through the snow, the symmetry of the gardens in the courtyard, and the fantastic architecture. This scene inspired a story about a wizard who created two golems animated by the memories of his dead children. I imagined this is what the protagonist sees as he descends towards the castle.

3. The blue monochromatic tint of this image, coupled with the horror of the poor soul trapped within the sphere, makes this such a powerful image. The endless colonnaded hallway, the pattern on the figure's robes, and even the small details like the vial in the figure's hands and what looks like a glowing urn were all details that inspired me. I am currently working on a short story of a mage who willingly allows himself to be trapped within this prison so as to pull off the ultimate heist against his captors.

4. My final image is of this amazing treetop village set within a rugged mountain wilderness. I love the geometric shapes of the windows and balconies, the way the structures blend with the trees, and the delicate rope bridges that span the different homes. While this clearly evokes the stereotypical elven settlement in the wilderness, I hope to tell a very different story someday set within this beautiful town. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them!

What will inspire you?

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