Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's What in Standard Pauper Right Now

With the release of Journey Into Nyx on the horizon, there's a lot of great content on Standard Pauper available right now. Today I wanted to take this post to share with you some of the highlights, in case you've missed it.

1. The Colors of Standard: Standard Pauper enthusiast and veteran of MPDC Mundisv has a great article on the most dominant decks in the format right now. This could easily serve as a primer for what to expect from the upcoming MPDC Season 24 Worlds. You should definitely give it a read.

2. Journey Into Nyx Standard Pauper Review + Italian Game Primer: Chris Baker of ChannelFireball fame posted his review of the new set for Standard Pauper, even before the full set was officially spoiled. Chris has had a ton of success in the format, and his thoughts on the new cards are well worth your time. And if you're a fan of drafting, check out his intriguing "Italian Game Primer" towards the end of his article for a great way to resolve who gets what cards at the end of a draft.

3. The Standard Pauper Show, Ep 8 Journey Into Nyx Review: Brennon of MTGOstrat.com just published the eighth episode of his "The Standard Pauper Show." He reviews the winning decklist from MPDC 24.09 and then devotes most of an hour to reviewing all of the Commons from Journey Into Nyx. Unlike many podcasts, his is more of a video cast, with great visual information that supplements the audio.

4. Writer Adept: Standard Pauper Review of Journey into Nyx, Part One: And if you still can't get enough info on the new set for Standard Pauper, check out my review over at PureMTGO.com. Part One includes all of the mechanic cards and Common cycles, while Part Two (which is forthcoming) will cover the rest of the set. If you enjoy bad puns, this is the review for you!

5. Blackout ! Mais comment allez-vous?: Finally, Adner, captain of the largest Magic Online clan devoted exclusively to Standard Pauper announces that he is effectively stepping down from his role as clan captain. While he will continue to participate in the format, he has been somewhat disappointed by the lack of involvement by the clan members in promoting the format as a whole. If you're looking for someway to give back to this great community, this would be a fantastic opportunity.

If you know of any other recent content that I missed related to Standard Pauper, let me know in the comments below, and I'll make sure it gets included. Thanks for reading!

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