Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Three Hobbies, Three Resources

When it comes to my favorite hobbies, there is always more to learn. Fortunately for all of us, there have never been more resources available for free online to help anyone do just that. Pretty much whatever you're interested in, there is someone online who is much better than you at it, and has invested time and resources to help others improve.

Right now, I have been mostly focused on writing and playing Hearthstone, although of course Standard Pauper remains high on my list as well. So today, I wanted to share with you three resources that I have been enjoying as of late that relate to these three areas:

 1. First off, I've been watching a lot of Limited play on Twitch by a guy named Noah Sandler. He's a highly rated Limited player (hovering around the 2000 mark typically) who provides excellent commentary on both the draft and match portion of his games. He also has excellent taste in music. You can check out his Twitch account here, and follow him on Twitter to find out when he's streaming next.

2. Speaking of Twitch, I've also been playing a lot of Hearthstone as of late. And by far the most well known streamer for Hearthstone is a guy by the name of Jeffry Shih, otherwise known as TrumpSC. He streams almost every day, and has a backlog of content on both YouTube and Twitch covering both Constructed and Arena play for every character class. He also does an excellent job providing commentary on his gameplay. If you want to improve in Hearthstone, TrumpSC may be your number one best resource. Be sure to check out the links above, and follow him on Twitter.

3. Finally, while I confess I have not yet read any of her books (although I am quite intrigued with the mashup of vampires, circuses, and steampunk), author Deliah S. Dawson provides some excellent tips via Twitter when it comes to writing and publication in the fantasy genre. Her advice comes not in the form of long articles, but rather a burst of Tweets with short, concise, and well-written advice on a particular topic. Intrigued? You can follow her on Twitter, check out her webpage for more information, or just scope out her blog and see what catches your fancy.

If you've got resources that you have found helpful in any of these three areas, I'd love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments below. See you next time

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