Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Return of Kor Skyfisher?

The full spoiler for the Magic 2015 Core Set has been revealed by Wizards of the Coast, which means that I am starting work on my set review for the new set. In the mean time though, I want to talk about a card that had already been spoiled earlier this week.

Back in Zendikar block, we got access to what proved to be one of the more broken cards for Standard Pauper: Kor Skyfisher. A 2/3 Flyer for 1W is amazing value for a Common, and thus the requirement that you had to return a card to hand was supposed to be a drawback. As it turned out, most of the time you could utilize this instead to your advantage, allowing you to recur powerful enters-the-battlefield abilities. Especially given the strong cards White has at its disposal, Kor Skyfisher was quite simply too powerful to be a Common. As a result, many players were grateful when it rotated out.

But here we are, a couple years later, and a similar card will enter the metagame with Magic 2015:

These two cards share the exact same drawback/ability, which creates the potential to be quite strong. However, I don't anticipate Invasive Species being quite as broken. First of all, it's otherwise a 3/3 vanilla for 2G, which is pretty average for Green. Second, we are seeing fewer good enters-the-battlefield type effects at Common, which limits the potential for broken combinations. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of these effects to go around, and this card will certainly see play in a variety of different decks. In fact, I would argue this has the potential to be the best Common for Standard Pauper in the set. We shall see.

What do you think? What are some of the best combinations that this card will allow? Let me know in the comments below. See you next time.


  1. I can see a string of these and the new enchant hammer fist working fairly well

  2. Invasive Species definitely has potential. Green has a few mana-fixing enchantments that cantrip when they enter the battlefield and access to nice utility effects on creatures like aura hate and life gain. Add white and you can bounce powerful Auramancers and Heliod's Pilgrims. It won't be broken like Skyfisher was but I'm sure it will end up being quite solid.