Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Confession of Tilt

It happened again last night.

No this isn't another bad beats story. It's more like a confession; a diagnosis of the malady I'm still suffering from.

I've blogged fairly recently about tilt and how I've struggled with it for the last few years in relation to playing Magic. Last night, it hit me again - hard.

I was playing out my match for the "M" Core League. Both my opponent and I were played a Mono-Red build. Game 1 I got shorted on two mana, drew all my three drops, and basically did nothing the entire game. Game 2, I kept an opener with three lands, and drew two more lands in my next draws. I immediately conceded and then dropped from the event.

This happens to everyone who plays Magic. It happens a lot to me. It feels like it happens way more often to me than anybody else, but intellectually I know that's nonsense. Lately, I've done better at just shrugging off the variance, fighting for every narrow edge, and pushing through. But apparently I still have a long way to go.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can grow in this area, I'd love to hear about it. God knows, I need all the help I can get.


  1. I rambled a lot but sent you a thoughtful response by email. Feel free to post anything from it if you think it's worth sharing. I'd post it but there's a 4096 character limit here haha

  2. not this again lol sorry. I can relate, and have been here for a lot of this with you.
    I guess I don't play enough event anymore for it to bother me when it happens . but I do understand.
    Just keep looking forward and remember your doing pretty good with MPDC matches so focus on that more.
    just remember to "free your mind and the rest will follow"
    or get drunk and pass out. lol kidding of course.
    sorry to see you dropped from the event I was looking forward to beating you senseless in the finals. oh well maybe next time. :) aka joekewwl mtgo