Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miscellaneous Musing

Today will be a somewhat random assortment of small updates regarding what I've been working on the past week or so.

1. It turns out I missed my weekend update this past week (did anyone notice? Is this thing on?). As a result, I will be writing an extra post this week, probably tomorrow.

2. Part One and Part Two of my review of Khans of Tarkir for Standard Pauper have been published over at PureMTGO.com. I hope to have Part Three up no later than next Monday. Thus far the most interesting cards look to be the multicolor Morphs. I think they are all playable, but Abomination of Gudul and Efreet Weaponmaster seem to be the best in terms of raw power. I've also heard some excitement about Ponyback Brigade, but thus far I'm not convinced.

3. I've been playing a lot of a great new freeware game called Heroine's Quest, which is an adventure game in the classic style of the old Quest for Glory series. I should have a review up for it later this week.

4. The Hunter deck I piloted to great success recently in Hearthstone has been decimated by the nerfing of Starving Buzzard. If you've got suggestions on what deck I should play next, I'd enjoy hearing them.

See you tomorrow.


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  2. Apologies for the prior deleted comment. "Smart" phone autocorrect + failure to proofread = ridiculousness.
    I am a couple weeks behind, as I didn't share your foresight in saving coins prior to Naxx's release. As such, I still need 100 gold to unlock the final week. This also means I have only had access to the Undertaker for about a week. Since, I have been rather enjoying playing the Hunter-Taker build, Sadly, it was all too short lived after the over-nerfing (IMHO) of the Buzzard.
    I am unsure as what to play for ladder games. I have been delving into some post-nerf meta analysis and seen some interesting options including a Cleric-Taker deck that I have neither the cardstock nor dust to consider for now. I am very interested to see your future posts on the subject. After all, this addiction of mine is all your fault. Thanks for it, BTW :)