Thursday, September 11, 2014

Khans of Tarkir: Could It Be Common?

Another spoiler season for a new set, another set of unofficial spoilers, this time courtesy of MTGSalvation. In this case user nal2 posted the text of a bunch of cards from Khans of Tarkir, without artwork or even the rarity. As I was perusing the spoiled cards, I found myself trying to figure out which ones could be Common. It was such an interesting exercise, I thought I would post it up here on the blog for my readers. But rather than focusing on all of them, I decided to limit it to White.

Since the information could change quickly (especially with Sealed Clans of Tarkir as a Community Cup event this weekend), here are the White cards that were spoiled in this batch (click on the image for full size resolution):

Based on what we know about Common Design, can you pick out which of these cards are Common? Actually, I would divide them into three categories, based on the fact that sometimes rarity is determined by factors other than power level or complexity.
  1. Probably Common
  2. Definitely Common
  3. Not Common
I've recorded my picks, and I will discuss them on Saturday. Let me know your picks in the comments below. Once these eleven cards  are spoiled, I'll even throw in a small prize for whoever gets them all correct (or randomly select one among multiple winners).


  1. In order from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Common (C), Uncommon (U), Rare (R)

    U, C, U, C, C, R, U, C, C, C, C

  2. Full spoiler is out. Chris got it exactly. I'll have a writeup tomorrow as promised.

  3. Erase really surprises me. Deicide is rare and Revoke Existence is common, but 2cmc at sorcery speed. They really pushed this one.