Saturday, October 11, 2014

MPDC 27.01 and the Standard Pauper Filter

All this week I've been writing about the latest bug with the Standard Pauper filter on Magic Online. As I announced last time, this bug actually affects both Classic and Standard Pauper, allowing cards once printed at Common to be legal in their respective formats.

According to the latest word on this bug, the issue will be fixed during the October 22nd downtime. However, this means that the bug will still be in place for the first event of the new season of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge, which is scheduled for Monday, October 20th. Now in the past, we've sometimes started the season with some sort of wacky or unusual format. So it seems fitting that for MPDC 27.01, I will simply allow any deck that passes the Standard Pauper filter.

Let me be clear. Unless things change between now and then, all of the following cards will be legal for MPDC 27.01, even though they are not printed at Common in the new Standard format:
This also will provide some useful data in seeing just how disruptive these cards really are in the metagame. However, by no means does this mean I will necessarily support the inclusion of these cards in the event that the bug is NOT fixed on October 20th. But it seemed like a perfect opportunity to add a little spice into the new metagame.

So spread the word. Let your friends know. MPDC will be on its normal end-of-season break for October 13th, and will be a special event on October 20th in which the cards listed above will be legal for that event.

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