Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lean, Mean, & Green

For the first time in quite a while in Standard Pauper, Green is putting up some impressive wins as of late. An identical Mono-Green deck has taken the trophy for two successive weeks in MPDC (piloted by gonz and milegyenanevem respectively), and other variations are also very much in the mix, including my own version that splashes Blue. I suspect that as the metagame continues to shift more towards Control, the ability to quickly crank out a large mass of creatures is a big part of what's making this deck so successful. 

In case you missed it, here's the decklist that won the past two weeks:

In an ideal opener, Elvish Mystic helps you ramp up to an Alpine Grizzly or Nessian Courser on Turn 2, followed up with a swell of Life from Nylea's Disciple or simply an Aerie Bowmasters on the next turn, and dropping the Stampeding Elk Herd soon thereafter. You also can make use of two different 3 Power 2-drops in Glade Watcher and Swordwise Centaur. And once you've amassed a horde of creatures, just swinging in for a massive attack, enhanced with Trample thanks to the Formidable ability from the Elk Herd. Backed up with a powerful surge from Aspect of Hydra or Titanic Growth, can easily be enough to finish off your opponent quite quickly. Alternatively, the pump spell can instead be used to sidestep most forms of removal, or even go toe-to-toe with a beefy Heroic creature.

Will this deck continue to rise in the metagame, or will someone craft the perfect answer against it? What lists currently have the strongest matchups against this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. http://pdcmagic.com/gatherling/deck.php?mode=view&id=26032

    I've extensively tested this deck against mono green and I had a giant advantage against it. Deathtouch + Peel from Reality really blows them out because it gives me enough time to start casting devotion creatures. The problem is I never got paired against mono green while piloting this deck and it is much weaker than the other UB builds against everything else. And as you can see from the results, it wasn't match for a green deck also playing red for Barrage of Boulders.

    I don't recommend it because it will fail against Izzet Control, Boros Heroic and other decks. But it beats green :)