Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Standard Pauper PRE Survey Results

For the past couple months, I have been running a survey asking why people don't participate in our Standard Pauper Player Run Events, or if they do participate, why they don't participate more. The survey closed on June 1st, and I got a total of 120 responses, which is probably a good snapshot of the current player base of the game, at least those who are in some way connected to this community. So I thought I would share the final results with you today (click on the graphic below to enlarge it):

As you can see, far and away the two most common responses were that either people were not aware of these weekly tournaments (28%), or that they simply weren't offered at a convenient time (40%). Less than ten percent of the responders said they play every week, which is approximately the average attendance at MPDC or SPDC on a given week.

I also thought it was interesting to see what people said in the "Other" category. Here are the responses, in no particular order:
  • Boring meta
  • I am just returning and have no cards
  • I like to cast powerful spells. The only good spell to cast right now is Treasure Cruise.
  • I play but sometimes you are wrong in your hit or myth articles and you never correct yourself! and I keep missing events
  • I play every week but only SPDC and MPDC are Eurofriendly
  • I'd like to play, but I''m new and have a hard time getting into the format.
  • Maybe an event in Saturday evening?
  • New to MTGO and just discovered you.
  • The meta is boring sometimes or it gets boring soon
  • You talk from your ass at times!
Next time, I'll discuss these results and what I think we as a community should do about it. But for now, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I'm also a schedule's problem voter. I also share the europe's hour problem as particularized above. I believe as any other event there will be no perfect time for the tournment. As a new player I can't say if the average was always the same but if you make another research about the player's preference? It could be simple to figure out an ideal time.
    By the way, thank you for the opportunity and the caring with the format.

  2. This information is very valuable. I'm surprised that only 8% are in my camp of "client sucks" and that the vast majority of lack of participation is a result of scheduling and lack of information. Wizards recently remedied the formats page problem, so now it's easier for people to find out about Pauper Standard. But they'll do so randomly, by accident, through surfing. Now if WotC would *direct* players to this format and host some regular events in a North American friendly time slot, then it might be possible for Pauper Standard to break through what looks to be a ceiling of sorts. PRE's seem to have come as far as they can. And if only 8% still hate the client it might be becoming tolerable (tempting me to give it another try) which is also good news. But the best news for the format now would be Wizards setting up daily events - or at least one weekly trial event - and starting to ease the workload of volunteer organizers and writers who have been working with very little help to keep the format alive. And they came through surprisingly fast when it came to the formats page. Maybe, just maybe, 'tis time for a sustained push to convince WotC what a great idea Pauper Standard sanctioned events would be, especially for new players.

    And phooey on whoever says Gwyned speaks from his rear! I'm gonna consider that a bad joke - a real stinker. If any Pauper Standard writer has ever spewed forth ill-advised drivel from his backside, it's been me :-)