Thursday, June 11, 2015

What To Do About Standard Pauper PRE Survey Results

Last time, I posted the final results from the Standard Pauper PRE survey that I ran for a couple months. By far the two major reasons why people don't participate more in these events is either because they are unaware of them or simply cannot play when they are offered. So, what should we as a community do in light of this?

First off, it's important to continue to promote the two major Standard Pauper PREs: Standard Pauper Deck Challenge (SPDC), which takes place on Sundays at 2pm EST / 6pm EST; and Monday Pauper Deck Challenge (MPDC), which takes place on Mondays at 2pm EST / 6pm EST. These tournaments are organized through, so that's another important place to point people who are interested in the format. When you complete a Standard Pauper game with someone in the Just for Fun room, and you don't recognize their username, it's worth your time just to let them know about these two events. And as I've said before, if you're on social media of any sort, take advantage of that by linking to our events.

Second, we need to continue to offer alternate ways for people to play Standard Pauper. "League-style" events where players have a week to play out a match may be the only chance that some people have to play. Some of these events in the past have attracted a fairly large number of players, so we should do these more often. For me, the biggest factor keeping me from running more such events is the lack of prize support. While some will participate in an event even without any prizes, a larger prize pool is an excellent way to motivate participation. If you're reading this and have the ability to sponsor an event like this, or have contacts with an organization that might be willing to do so, please let me know.

Finally, as a community maybe we just need to play more. Spend more time in the Just for Fun room looking for Standard Pauper matches. Don't be afraid to chat with your opponent after the match. Let's make it easier for new players to find the format, and make their experiences positive ones. I know I could certainly be doing more in this area. Something to think about for sure.

Once again, if you've got ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading.


  1. Sure that are nice ideas but maybe we need to think "out of the box" in this case. Maybe alternative times for SPDC/MPDC?
    How about a survey about this? Asking the comunity about some other time for the tournament maybe?

  2. I don't think changing times for SPDC or MPDC to chase new players is the right path, as we could easily lose current players that way. Instead exploring "play-when-you-can" style events seems to be the way to go. Starting and/or funding a new recurring event would also be a possibility.