Thursday, November 5, 2015

Battle for Zendikar Metagame Update

Despite all the discussion and angst surrounding the looming removal of the Standard Pauper filter, I am happy to report that the format is as strong as ever. With the release of Battle for Zendikar, we've moved into an entirely new metagame, and thus far it's proven to be quite interesting and diverse.

Standard Pauper enthusiast Cabel has recently created threads devoted to four of the major archetypes to emerge in this new metagame - Izzet Tempo, UB Control, Rakdos Aggro, and RG Landfall. Three of these archetypes -  Izzet Tempo, UB Control, and Rakdos Aggro - have all earned 1st place trophies since the season began, while RG Landfall most recently made Top 4. And thanks to some nifty programming magic by rremedio1, you can use his new app called the Standard Pauper Tracker to view compiled results of these decks from recent events as well as variations within the archetype. If you're participating in the Standard Pauper Double League or either of the weekly Standard Pauper events, this is valuable information you should be utilizing to maximize your chances of success!

Finally, a new archetype seems to be emerging, with a strong finish in the last MPDC as well as defeating me in my weekly league match. But I'll be writing more about that next time...

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