Thursday, November 12, 2015

The End of an Era

Many longtime users of Magic Online look back on previous iterations of the program with nostalgia, remembering the way things used to be before a decision by Wizards of the Coast changed things, often for the worse. Sadly, I now completely understand what that feels like. As of yesterday, the Standard Pauper filter is officially gone from Magic Online, bringing an end to an important era for the format.

On August 29, 2012, about a year after Standard Pauper enthusiast joekewwl visited Wizards of the Coast as part of the 2011 Community Cup team, it was officially announced that Standard Pauper was now available as an official format on Magic Online. Although it did not include any sanctioned events, for the first time Magic Online players could easily find an opponent in the casual room who was guaranteed to be playing the same format. But as of yesterday, November 11, 2015, all that has come to an end.

So where do we go from here? How can we continue to support this great format?
  • Whenever you are online, join the #StandardPauper channel. Going forward, this will be the most reliable way to find opponents to play against.
  • For Standard Pauper matches, just label your table as the Standard format, with an entry in the Comments field that it is a Standard Pauper game. As long as no Commons are banned in Standard (an event which would be a major failure for design and development), this will be the closest card legality match.
  • You might also consider joining the Standard Pauper Players Clan as another way to easily find opponents and discuss the metagame with other players. PM me in the client and let me know if you want to join.
  • Continue to let Wizards of the Coast hear your disappointment. Don't let the issue go away. Make your voice heard via Email, social media, and whatever other avenues are available to you. Take the Magic Online survey and don't mince words. Lee Sharpe in particular should hear from us regularly.
  • Finally, participate regularly in the weekly Standard Pauper events. These numbers matter!
 I can think of no better way to conclude this than the image that was used in last week's Diaries of the Apocalypse when faced with the elimination of their own Tribal Wars format:


  1. So sad. I will never spend a buck again for that MTGO thing. And as a result, I will from now on only play Standard in the Pauper way. That will be from time to time only and just because fine people like you really deserve it, and the playerbase they are building. Bad news is that it used to serve MTGO interests but they never were aware nor respecting that.

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    1. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts David. It is a big change. But I just can't bring myself to give up.

  3. Do we get some answer from Wizards? We wrote some letters to them...