Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mono Black Zombies in SPDC 32.01

A brand new season of Standard Pauper Player Run Events has begun, and as I discussed last week, we did make the decision to allow cards previously printed at Common but reprinted at higher rarities in Standard to become part of the format, at least for this season. And not surprisingly, it didn't take long at all for these new cards to find their way into decklists. In fact, the 1st place finish in SPDC this week came from a MonoBlack Control build that utilized two such cards - Grasp of Darkness and Cruel Revival. Fortunately for us, the pilot was none other than DrChrisBakerDC, who lost no time in creating a deck-tech video to guide us through his deck. Here's the decklist:

Click the image above to enlarge.
And here is his video explaining how the deck works:

Although he lost in Round 1 to an innovative Jeskai "America" deck, Chris proceeded to win his next four matches to claim the trophy for SPDC 32.01. This definitely looks like a strong deck - one that I certainly intend to test myself!

So what are you playing in this new metagame? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!