Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Standard Pauper Double League Loser's Bracket Finals

The Standard Pauper Double League is finally at an end, with the Finals of Phase 2 scheduled to play in just about an hour from when I am writing this. Overall I have been delighted with how the league turned out, with over 60 players participating representing a wide variety of decks.

Today I want to bring you the finals of the so-called Losers' Bracket, where afreeAk and Cyrulean competed to see who would get to compete in the final match of Phase 2. afreeAk is playing his Izzet Prowess build. While I don't have his decklist, it appears to be very similar to the list which he used to earn the first place trophy from MPDC 31.09. Cyrulean is playing White Weenie, and while once again I don't have his list, presumably it looks very similar to morphlling's winning list from MPDC 31.12.

So without further ado, here is the match:

As I mentioned above, the Finals of Phase 2 is scheduled for later this evening, and I will be online to make sure I capture it for a forthcoming article over at PureMTGO. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for more information about when that article will be available. See you next time!

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