Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Value of Meteorologists

As someone whose life and family has been impacted by not one but two violent tornadoes in the past decade, I am perhaps more aware than most of the value of meteorologists and the forecasts they issue to keep people informed of the weather and safe from the risks that severe weather of all kinds can bring. Sadly, for all of the amazing progress made in the science of weather forecasting in the past decades, many people have very little respect for meteorologists and the hard work they put in on a daily basis.

Mike Smith (who bears the unfortunate circumstance of having the combination of two of the most common names in the United States), who serves as the Senior Vice President at Accuweather, is the author of an excellent book describing the incredible advances made in weather forecasting and storm prediction, recently spoke at the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on how little recognition is given to meteorologists and proposes some solutions to that issue. His fifteen minute talk is very well done and worth a watch if you are at all interested in the science of meteorology. Check it out below.

Thanks for allowing to indulge my obsession with the weather. Don't worry, I'll be back next week with more great Standard Pauper content. See you then!

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