Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Possible Future with Patreon

You probably noticed that no new content went up last week. Unfortunately, I was out of town with very limited Internet access, and my summer has been busy enough so far that I was unable to schedule any content to go up ahead of time. Sorry for that.

I have also been thinking a lot recently about the future of this blog. Its been quite a while since I've done much of anything related to writing, which originally was going to be a major emphasis. Instead, I've been splitting my posts between Standard Pauper content and game reviews (mostly board games, with a few video games thrown into the mix as well). In some ways, I feel like maybe I've lost focus, and as such I am not certain what direction I want to go with in the future.

One possible future I am exploring is the idea to start producing regular video content once again. But in order to justify the time and energy it would take to create that content, I would want the support of my audience and the Standard Pauper community. So here's where you come in. If I was willing to create weekly video content for Standard Pauper, would you be willing to support that via Patreon.

In case you don't know, Patreon is a crowd-funding site designed specifically for artists and content creators. When you support someone via Patreon, you pledge a certain dollar amount either per month or per new content piece (which can also be capped monthly). In turn, you get special perks for your sponsorship as well as a chance to more directly influence the artist or content creator. Want to know more? Click here.

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  1. Find what you do, and do it well. You seem like a modern-day Renaissance man. Provide superior-quality content and audiences will follow. To this end, I offer suggestions about what I might hope to see from writeradept:

    (Note: I will ask myself: can I get similar or superior quality content elsewhere for less money? This is my litmus test for your website.)

    #1: Keep Standard Pauper actually Standard Pauper. Offering a vegan salad with eggs might showcase great creativity, but don't fool yourself into thinking it is actually a vegan salad. Uncommon cards included in Standard Pauper format per PDC rules makes finding MTGO practice matches next to impossible, unless chummy with other PDC players who tolerate a rogue Grasp of Darkness in a deck advertised as 'Standard Pauper' in the comments section. A video match of a PDC event might be new, but not to regular visitors to your blog who see and play against those same decks. A practice tutorial would be interesting, and a great resource for new players.

    #2: Skip set review drive-by shootings. You've invoked four different grades for cards that are too fluid to define your assessment as unique. Perhaps discuss the common (dual?) color archetypes, and make a sample deck that showcases (2? 3? 6?) new cards and write about that deck in 250 words. Again, a practice video might help limit writing demands.

    #3: Showcase what you already do with RPGs. I think this is a lot of fun, and am always looking to find new GM tips on various systems. This summer, my boy and I are running FF's Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. We use Lego minifigues as our gaming miniatures. We tackle real-life kid scenarios as Jedi without needing to impose any real-world religious overtones of morality and being a decent human being (or wookie, as cases may be). Again, nobody does content quite like this idea, but I don't have time to upload our gaming sessions. Do you? Is this the writing opportunity you seek- provide written recaps of gaming sessions? Sneak peaks of maps and other handouts?

    In an email over a month ago, I offered you and Dr. Baker prize support for PDC events. I got no reply, so seeing a request for additional support feels like a slap in the face, man.

    Just provide unique, superior content, different from MagicGatheringStrat or GatheringMagic. Identify what YOU want this blog to be, and set a course for adventure.