Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WG Fliers Wins in MPDC 33.07

Well, it finally happened: someone managed to keep GB Control from earning the trophy in our most recent Standard Pauper tournament. In this case, amnaremotoas took first place in MPDC 33.07 with his WG Fliers deck. While quite similar to Paranoid Android's White Weenie build that took Top 4 in MPDC 33.02, the addition of Green to the list gave the deck access to some very useful additions, as we will see below. amnaremotoas only dropped a single match, probably due to suffering from some difficult draws. Anyway, let's take a look at his list:

Territorial Roc
has proven to be quite strong with its 3 point Toughness, especially when buffed. Saddleback Lagac, Servant of the Scale, and Shoulder to Shoulder give this deck plenty of ways to do so, giving you plenty of options on both offense and defense. The Vigilance granted by True-Faith Censer is also particularly useful in this role. Interestingly enough, the only other flyer in the deck is the strong Makindi Aeronaut and the tokens generated by Dauntless Cathar. In essence, this deck functions very much like a White Weenie deck, dropping efficient creatures, backing them up with combat tricks and removal, and aggressively beating down faster than your opponent can deal with your creatures.

Again, congrats to amnaremotoas for his win and keeping GB Control out of another 1st place trophy. If you're looking for a good option against that deck, this is definitely one to consider. See you next time.

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