Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eldritch Moon is Better in Multiples

Although my real life schedule remains pretty hectic (I've been home two days since our vacation, and early tomorrow morning we're heading out for a family reunion / wedding), I am slowly starting to get some work done on my set review for Eldritch Moon. So I figured the best use of my time would be to start posting some short reviews here on my blog to whet your appetite for the full set review, which will eventually be available over at PureMTGO.

Like I mentioned in my initial thoughts on the set, the 'Graveyard Matters' theme is much stronger at Common in Eldritch Moon than it was in Shadows Over Innistrad. Today I want to look at two cards that illustrate that while also pointing back to two Commons from Magic's history.

1. Take Inventory is a near reprint of Accumulated Knowledge, which at times has been somewhat of a staple in Classic Pauper. At worst, it cycles for 1U at Sorcery speed, which is at least neutral. Once you cast the second one, you're paying 2UU for 3 cards over 2 turns, which is already excellent value; anything beyond that, and you're getting an amazing deal. In a Control build that gains value from casting multiple spells, this could end up being a pretty important card.

Verdict: Hit - Definitely take this and put it in your inventory.

2. Galvanic Bombardment works in a similar fashion, and is even closer to the original Kindle from Tempest, save that it only targets creatures and is one mana cheaper. At its worst, it's a Shock that can't target players. On your third casting, it's equivalent to Flame Slash, which is a relatively powerful card. But most decks looking for cheap Red removal like this aren't looking for the game to go long, which means that more often than not this won't be at its best. In the end, while the potential is there, I don't think it makes it.

Verdict: Grounder - I just don't feel galvanized to play it.

So what do you think of these two cards? What decks would they be best in? Will they make a big impact, or end up being irrelevant? Let me know in the comments below.

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