Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unique Discard Outlets in Eldritch Moon

At last, I am home and done with all of my travel for the summer, which means at last I have both the time and a reliable enough Internet connection to make serious progress on my set review of Eldritch Moon for Standard Pauper. In the mean time, I will continue to use this space to preview that article by examining some of the more interesting cards from the set. Today, I want to look at two unique discard outlets.

1. Skirsdag Supplicant is already a 2/3 Human for 2B, which not only has reasonable stats but a significant creature type as well. It's activated ability requires you to have but a single Black mana as well as a card in hand, which you discard to make each player lose 2 Life. Obviously, this has strong synergy with Madness, since you can get full value out of those cards. But even better, assuming you are ahead on board, any card becomes a Black 'player-only' Shock, which is certainly a very viable finisher in the right build.

Verdict: Hit - This is just begging to be used in a variety of archetypes.

2. While a far cry from the Flagbearers from Apocolypse, a repeatable method of generating tokens at Common certainly caught my attention. In an aggressive White Weenie build, you are fast enough to get at least some value out of a 1/1 for W, and it then lets you convert extra Lands or the like into 1/1 Human tokens, which once again is a favorable creature type. This isn't great, but it seems like it could have an important role in the right sort of White Weenie or Tokens build.

Verdict: Bunt - It will be interesting to see if the new Standard can bear this.

So what do you think of Skirsdag Supplicant and Thraben Standard Bearer?

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