Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MPDC End of Season 24

And so another season of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge draws to a close.

We had our end of season championship event yesterday, and attendance was one of the highest I've seen for a WORLDS event. The decision to change from an invitation-only double-elimination format to an open-to-all Swiss / Top 8 cutoff seems to have been the right choice.

First, congratulations are in order to our Season 24 Champion Torreth, who piloted the Crouching Cipher Hidden Strings deck to victory with an impressive 8-0 run.

Second but equally impressive, Mundisv accumulated the highest total of Season Points for this season, and as such will walk away with a booster pack from Journey Into Nyx, courtesy of Standard Pauper enthusiast and personal friend joekewwl. Joekewwl also manages the prize pool and Top 8 prizes throughout the season, so I want to extend a special thanks to him.

Third, for myself I had a quick Round 1 loss in the event, but managed to win my next three matches. My tiebreakers were pretty weak, however, and I ended up only placing 11th overall, shut out from the Top 8 cutoff. I thought my own version of the Hidden Strings deck performed quite well, but I can't argue with the success that the original list has achieved.

Fourth, as always, I am grateful to MTGOTraders.com for their sponsorship of this event. They have been very generous with prize support for our event, and even contribute additional funds for each of our end-of-season events. They have amazing customer service, a great line of bots on Magic Online, fair pricing, and a quick response time. I highly recommend them for all your Magic Online needs.

And finally, thanks to each and every person who played in this season of MPDC. Standard Pauper wouldn't exist today without this great community, and I take great pride in being part of it. Here's to another great season!


  1. And thanks to you for your hard work as our host!

  2. Thanks Gwyned for hosting the series once more this season.
    Very looking forward to seeing what surprises MPDC Season 25 can bring, if there's to be one of course. I guess we all hope that there will.
    Cheers !