Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Running Player Run Events Using Gatherling

Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the United States. As a result of family obligations, I was unable to host Monday Pauper Deck Challenge. At one point I thought I might have a guest host lined up, but in the end he was unable to make it work. However, in the process, I prepared a quick primer for how to use the Gatherling app on pdcmagic.com to host events without needing any additional software. In the interest of expanding the pool of players who are able to host Player Run Events, I decided to take today's blog post to make this information available.

Once you've read this over, if you have any questions or feedback, let me know in the comments below, and I will do my best to incorporate them in the next revision. Thanks!

** Note that this does not cover actually creating the event itself, since that requires a higher level of access. If you're interested in actually starting a brand new PRE series and would like help doing just that, let me know and I'd be happy to show you how to set all that up. But what's included below is everything you would need to know to act as a guest host for an event. **

Running Player Run Events Using Gatherling
10 Simple Steps

1. Find the event under Host CP and click on the event in question. Note that the event will only show up here in you have been given host access to this event.

2. Here the host can add players at the bottom of the event page by entering the name where it says "Add:" and clicking "Update Registration." Most of the time this will not be necessary as players can actually register for the event by themselves (see below).

3. The players can also join by finding the event name under the listing "Preregister for Events" in their Player CP and clicking Register.

4. Once the time for registration has expired, click on the "Start Event" button on the event page.

5. When the event is running, the event page has several new options now:
  • Drop player - Remove player from the event
  • Add player - Add a new player (will not be paired until next round)
  • Recalulate Standings - Display updated standings
  • Reset Event - Delete all pairings and start the entire event over

 6. Once you have started an event, if you click on "Match Listing" from the event page, it will display the Pairings for the current Round as well as those of previous rounds. At the bottom of the page is a handy tool to copy/paste the pairings into MTGO chat. From this page, you can also award any unpaired player a bye for the current round.

7. Players will be able to enter their own match results from their Player CP as well as drop from the event by clicking the "Report Result" option under "Active Matches"; as the host, you may also manually enter results on the event page, although you should not need to do so in most cases.

8. Once all results have been entered for a round, Gatherling will automatically pair the next round.

9. When you click on "Standings" from the event page, you can see the current Standings based on the latest completed round.

10. Once the Swiss rounds are over, again Gatherling will automatically pair the Top # Playoffs and continue pairings until the event has completed.


  1. So you don't actually have players register under gatherling, though, right? You have them type "reg" in the MPDCCOM room. Does that mean that you manually enter each name into gatherling for them? Thanks.

    1. I don't use these Gatherling features, actually. I am still using DCI Reporter and just manually enter all the names into Gatherling. Sticking with DCI Reporter gives me more control and better looking outputs. Guess I'm just a control freak!