Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Interview on the Standard Pauper Show

This week I had the distinct privilege of appearing on the Standard Pauper Show, a podcast by Sam, Brennon, and Dan over at the MagicGatheringStrat. This is the only podcast that I am aware of that covers information on the Standard Pauper format, and I was delighted to talk with them about the format and my own experiences with it.

I encourage you to watch the whole episode. But if you just want some highlights, here's what we talked about:
  • Our experiences so far with the Standard Pauper Sealed League.
  • The current state of the Standard Pauper metagame, with Boros Heroic and Izzet Control the favorites among a surprisingly diverse set of decks
  • How I got involved with Monday Pauper Deck Challenge and eventually became the host.
  • At what time period I started playing Magic the Gathering.
  • My least favorite Standard Pauper meta: post Magic 2013 release, with the advent of the Archeomancer / Ghostly Flicker combo.
  • My favorite Standard Pauper meta: Shards of Alara block + Zendikar.
  • Some personal anecdotes involving Black Lotus.
Intrigued? Check out the whole episode below:

See you next time!