Saturday, February 14, 2015

White Weenie in Post Fate Reforged Standard Pauper

A new season of Monday Pauper Deck Challenge is about to start. And while some players will be trying out new brews with Fate Reforged, typically the best decks in a new metagame are those that were already quite strong before with just a few tweaks from the new set. Additionally, all other things being equal, if you don't know what to play, White Weenie is almost always a good choice.

So I pulled out the list of new Commons in White, and on the whole there's not much to get excited about. But one gem stands out among the rest: Harsh Sustenance. While it requires splashing Black, White is already perfectly suited to take full advantage of this card. Raise the Alarm, Triplicate Spirits, Mardu Hordechief, and perhaps even Sandsteppe Outcast all help create a massive army of tokens, allowing you to maximize the effect from Harsh Sustenance. Throw in some additional cheap White creatures like Akroan Skyguard and Sungrace Pegasus, mix in some protection spells like Gods Willing and Feat of Resistance, add more token synergy with Selfless Cathar and Inspired Charge, and you've got a deck.

While I haven't settled yet on a complete list, something along these lines is probably what I will be playing this coming Monday for the first event of Season 28. Hope to see you then!

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  1. I tried this. If you can resolve a big Harsh Sustenance it is really nasty. Taking into account the results from WW Tokens in the past late season, it will probably be a real deck.