Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monday on MPDC

Monday was fairly eventful (get it, event-full?) for MPDC 29.03, our weekly Standard Pauper Player Run Event. So I thought I would take some time today to talk about what happened.

First of all, after averaging somewhere around 15 players per event, we had 22 players, which is almost enough to get us back to 4 rounds of Swiss plus Top 8. Among them we were fortunate enough to have Jason Moore, who goes by the username BambooRush, join us for the event. In case you don't know, Jason is a regular contributor over at MTGOAcademy on the Pauper format and part of the Pauper's Cage Podcast. In fact, Jason was recording all of his matches, which you can check out here. We were also joined by one totalhate, another well known Pauper player.

Second, based on the surge in attendance, I made the decision that every week in which we have at least 18 players for MPDC, I will give away a single Dragons of Tarkir booster to one random player. All you have to do is play in all of the Swiss rounds, and you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway. Where else can you get value like that?

Finally, I also managed to take 2nd place with a Green "Formidable" deck (based on Gq1rf7's list of the same name) splashing Blue for Anticipate and Treasure Cruise that I called Wintergreen. I am working on an article for PureMTGO covering the deck, but I was also fortunate enough to have the deck mentioned on the latest episode of the MagicGatheringStrat Show, which I encourage you to check out.

Like I said, it was an eventful day for MPDC. Hopefully it's a sign of even better days to come!

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