Thursday, April 23, 2015

Standard Pauper PRE Survey Follow-Up, Part One

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to respond to the survey I put out earlier this week. Thanks too to Chris Baker, rremedio1, bava, and others who took the time to retweet and/or post links to the survey.

While I'm certainly not closing the survey yet, two answers have stood out to me clearly. First, of the 40 responses so far, 7 of those have indicated that they were unaware that Standard Pauper Player Run Events even exist. So let's clear that up:

Every Sunday DrChrisBakerDC and/or rremedio1 run an event called Standard Pauper Deck Challenge (SPDC) at 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT on Magic Online. To register, browse over to, click on Gatherling, login to your Player CP, and click the link under "PREREGISTER FOR EVENTS." Pairings, Results, and Standings are all available through your Player CP.

Every Monday, I run an event called Monday Pauper Deck Challenge (MPDC) at 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT on Magic Online. To register, login to Magic Online between 2-2:30pm, open up chat channel #mpdc and #mpdccom, and type "REG" in the #mpdccom channel. Pairings, Results, and Standings are available through the Standard forums over at

You can also find all of the rules, prize information, tournament structure, and more in the MPDC Season Document, which is updated each time a new set enters Standard. Gatherling on is also a great resource to view the current state of the metagame. Just click the "See a list of recent events" link and look for SPDC and MPDC to see the winning decklists from each event.

So, enough about that. Let's talk about the most common response from the survey. The most common response from the survey so far indicates that the current time and day(s) of the week during which the tournament is being held doesn't work. Next time, I will have a follow-up survey to help gather some more data towards that end.

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