Saturday, April 25, 2015

Standard Pauper PRE Survey Follow-Up, Part Two

The survey that I've been blogging about all week continues to get results. Last time, I discussed the fact that a surprising number of my readers had no idea that our Standard Pauper Player Run Events even existed. While that result was surprising, it's not even close to the most common response. Instead, far and away the response chosen time and time again is that the current events don't fit players' schedules. So today, I want to request more data. Specifically, I like to know what time and/or days of the week would be better than what we're current running. For reference, we're currently utilizing Sundays and Mondays, both at 2pm EDT / 6pm GMT.

So here's the follow-up survey:

When would be the best time for you to participate in a Standard Pauper Event?

I prefer the current day(s) and time slot (Sun & Mon, 2pm EST / 6pm GMT)0%
The current day(s) work fine for me, but I would prefer a different time (indicate time in GMT below)0%
The current time works fine for me, but it needs to be a different day (indicate day below)0%
The problem's not the day and time; I just can't show up for 3+ hours to play0%
My preferred day/time: 0%

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