Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Standard Pauper PRE Data Analysis

As part of my recent project to survey information from our players on the two Standard Pauper Player Run Events that are run each and every week through pdcmagic.com, I have been analyzing data from this year's attendance at both Monday Pauper Deck Challenge and Standard Pauper Deck Challenge. My hope is that after I've had the chance to sort through all this data and talk with individuals within the community that we will be able to make whatever changes need to be made to better support Standard Pauper going forward.

Let's take a look at my analysis from the data from MPDC and SPDC:

Click on the above image to enlarge it.

 Here's my take on this data:
  1. Over just 29 events, we've had 96 unique players participate in one of our events. Of those, about ten percent have participated regularly, with another 15 percent playing occasionally. We're actually attracting a fair amount of new players, given that this spans only four months of time.
  2. Unfortunately, of the 96 unique players, a full 43 of them have only participated once. While my data doesn't account for new players who have stuck around, it's still fair to say that we have a retention problem. The majority of newcomers don't stick around to play more than once.
  3. Of the players who have participated in at least 5 events, only 4 of those only play in either MPDC and SPDC. The other 21 have played at least once in both MPDC and SPDC, although most show a decided preference for one event or the other (although this isn't represented in the graphic above).
  4. MPDC has a higher overall attendance, which makes sense given that it's been running at that time slot and day for a whole lot longer than SPDC has been at its current day and time.
Bottom line, we only average about 13 players per event. That's the number we need to change. And that's what all these surveys and data is all about.

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