Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Top 5 Reprints in Magic Origins, Part Two

Last time, I started discussing my Top 5 favorite reprints from Magic Origins. As is fitting for a set that is looking back to the origins of some of the game's iconic Planeswalkers, Magic Origins features 42 reprints at Common, not including the additional ones in the sample decks. As a reminder, I'm ignoring any reprints that we currently already have in the Standard Pauper cardpool. So with that, let's take a look at the other three cards!

3. Auramancer is back yet again! With over 80 different Enchantments in the Standard Pauper cardpool right now, Auramancer brings some incredible value to the virtual battlefield. It returns removal Auras like Pacifism, Bestow creatures like Leafcrown Dryad, utility creature Auras like Mortal Obstinacy, or potent creatures buffs like Eternal Thirst. Combine this with Heliod's Pilgrim or Kruphix's Insight, and you've got the potential for a very powerful Enchantment based deck. But even if that's not your aim, simply getting back a card combined with a 2/2 creature for 2W is enough value for anyone to want to include this.

4. Macabre Waltz was last seen in the original Ravnica block, and while we already have a glut of other spells that return multiple creatures from the Graveyard, Macabre Waltz is a very welcome addition for two reasons. First, it's quite cheap at 1B; in fact, it's half the cost of Dutiful Return or other similar Commons! Second, it has significant synergy with both Delve and Spell Mastery, making it the perfect addition to a MonoBlack or Dimir Control deck. This isn't nearly as good in a more aggressive archetype, since you often won't have multiple creatures to return early. But in almost any other type of deck, this is well worth considering.

5. I discussed last time how Nantuko Shade is such a potent reprint due to all of the token generation that exists in the Standard Pauper cardpool. Another card that shines in that type of environment is Might of the Masses. While it has the potential to be a pretty mediocre Giant Growth, in a dedicated token build one can easily use this as your finisher, dealing anywhere from 6 to 10 damage all by itself. While not as good as it was in Rise of the Eldrazi without the accompanying Eldrazi Spawn tokens, I still anticipate this coming in and dealing massive amounts of damage to an unsuspecting opponent.

So those are my Top 5 reprints from Standard Pauper! What cards are you most excited about? Any that I missed?

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